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All that is Tom...
That's right I'm back, in case you were wondering, no I haven't died... I just had my website deleted, but all's well. Stick around, keep coming back, soon enough you will get to see my latest artwork (stuff that wasn't on the old site) and some add-ons for Pro Evolution Soccer 6.  pao.

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02/03/08 - 19:09 -
-My Samurai Shodown 6 screenpack has been released, go grab it in the downloads section.

02/02/07 - 14:11 -
-New drawing in the art section, this is a portrait of my beautiful girlfriend.

01/30/07 - 02:37 -
-Sotiris Ninis added to PES6 Faces section, enjoy.

01/29/07 - 18:22 -
-First update in a while... there's some faces for Pro Evolution soccer 6 up:
-Also put some new art, not really new, couple years old actually, never got a chance to put them up, enjoy.

11/13/03 - 22:09 -
-New affiliation, check it out -

10/06/03 - 09:57 -
-Added a Couple of works I did for AP Art.

01/31/03 - 20:25 -
-New drawing, go to the art page.

08/20/02 - 13:41 -
-Well, I decided to keep updating the page, the artwork section has been graced with 4 more of my amazing pieces... Go now, and check back later for an additional update featuring a charcoal version of the piece below.

07/29/02 - 20:39 -
-I just got news from Greece that my best friend Jerry died... He fell out of a truck and passed shortly after waking up from his coma...
In his Memory

06/13/02 - 09:12 -
-All outdated links in the beginner's section have been replaced.
-Rearranged the downloads page a bit.

Old News

06/13/02 - 02:25 -
I changed the layout and color scheme of the site, I thought the artwork would fit better this way; as you can see I'm excited, and I can't wait to read your feedback *hint *hint*.

06/12/02 - 19:56 -
Well, I was able to do it. All 36 of my best pieces are now up on the Artwork page.

06/11/02 - 22:48 -
Wow... It's been a while since I've had a chance to update, but now that I have, I decided to put an "Artwork" page up and I'm hoping I can have it all up there by tomorrow, if not then the day after. Check back for it.

12/16/01 - 18:42 -
-Three Stages by Shadow Dragon X4 now hosted.
-SFZ3 Honda
-SFZ3 Akuma
-SFZ3 Sagat

12/14/01 - 20:33 -
-Original Lifebars by VampiresKiss now hosted.

12/01/01 - 22:29 -
-Mugen for Dummies is back, go check it out!
-New download page is up, go get the 2k1 lifebars!

11/25/01 - 00:11 -
-Temproary download page is up
-KOF 2K1 lifebars by VampiresKiss are now ready to download

11/15/01 - 14:20 -
-Site reopened
-New Design
-New URL
-New graphics/content
-More to come...

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In His Memory...