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From Anime to Pretty Women... I Give You, My Art!
This is the corner of my website where one can come and enjoy the beuty that is my art... Okay so it's not perfect, but it's damn close. My art comes in series. These sets are decided upon what I was interested in at the time, starting with things like Street Fighter and King of FIghters. Near the end I've got some Spiderman (yes, I was caught up in the craze of the movie too) and you can enjoy several pieces of a particular Brazilian girl that caught my eye... enjoy!

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don't remember
"ATHANASIOS" <-- this is me
hand 1
hand 2

"My Hand :p"
"A Desperate Boxer"
"The Kiss"
Iori's SNK Art from CVS2
Iori Yagami From KOF Zillion
Kyo Kusanagi from KOF Zillion
K' From KOF Zillion
Adriana Lima 1
Adriana Lima 2
Adriana Lima 3
Adriana Lima 4
Adriana Lima 5
Spider-Man Swinging
Green Goblin Gliding
4 Skulls Stacked Up
A Crazed Al Simmons
One of Spawn's Vampiric Foes
Spawn Blood and Shadows 1
Spawn Blood and Shadows 2
Spawn Blood and Shadows 3
Sam Burke
Twitch (His Partner)
Dark Ages Spawn
Dark Ages Spawn Screaming His Head Off
Samurai Spawn From the Dark Ages Series
Hell Spawn (From One of the Covers)
Hell Spawn (Another Cover)
Hell Spawn Nailing a Rapist
The Classic Portrayal of Spawn
An Anime Version of Ryo Hazuki From Shenmue
Ryo Hazuki, Taken From Inside the Shenmue Case
K Dash From King of Fighters
Kyo and Iori From KOF 99 Evolution
Iori - a KOF Character's Capcom Art
Blood Iori's Capcom Art - Talk About Riot of the Blood
Iori From the King of Fighters Zillion Comics
K9999 - One of K's Clones From KOF 2001
Ryu and Iori's SNK Vs. Capcom Art
Ryu's Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Art
Ken Master's Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Art
Dudley's Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Art
Jin From Marvel Verus Capcom
Goku and Gohan From the Cover of One of the DBZ Comics

Pic of the Month
Every month I'll put another piece here (look up).
This is for those of you too lazy to actually click on the image links ;)